friendly reminder that mickey’s biggest fear used to be his father but now it’s losing ian (▰˘◡˘▰)

what did you think about the scene with emily and frank? when he mistook her for fiona?

I thought it was brilliant writing as always because it gave me a lot of feelings for Frank and his storyline. At first, I felt sorry for him. Because as much as I like to pretend I don’t care about Frank, and really I don’t that much, there is a little part of me that didn’t want him to die. And when he apologized to Emily/Fiona, I actually pitied him and his addiction to drugs and alcohol. Because Frank was definitely brilliant at some point, just like Lip even, but he let his addiction win in the end. And it’s actually a sad story. But then you stop and think, how many times did he say that to the real Fiona, and never changed. He probably apologized a hundred times, promised to be a better dad a hundred times, and never, not once put any effort into do just that. And poor Fiona, when did she stop getting her hopes up, when did she stop smiling and forgiving because she knew that what he was saying would mean nothing in the morning, that’d Frank would do it all again (I have so many feelings for Fiona).  And then, when Emily dies, it just breaks my heart, because you think, well why did someone as awful as Frank get a liver and Emily, who is innocent, kind, young, deserving, dies because she can’t get her new heart? And it makes you hate Frank because it isn’t fair that he gets to live while she dies, (which is brilliant writing in my opinion; this sort of conflict) but still, you see how he reacts to her death, how he thinks it’s Fiona, how in a fucked up way he really does love her, and it just mind fucks you even more, because the writers do such a good job with making Frank Gallagher the most hate-able character ever, that you can’t help but love just a little.


i will never get past the fact that mickey brought out his ben wa beads, like in that moment he was 500% comfortable and 500% confident and 500% unapologetic about liking what he likes and trusted IAN and ONLY IAN to be the one to share that with him